Zoya Pandora

Hey everyone!

Today, I have some great swatches of Zoya's Pandora to share with you all! Pandora is a beautiful rose-beige nude. Zoya says that this has a "pearly silver shimmer", but honestly, the shimmer is only slightly noticeable in the bottle and practically non-existent on your hands.

This one is extremely pigmented, so you could probably get away with one coat, but I ended up using two anyway. If I use two coats of Miracote on top of this, I could probably get about 5-6 days of wear without any chipping.

Before I get into the pictures, I'm going to apologize for my ugly, short nails. I was organizing my den this weekend and went to pick up a Rubbermaid container, thinking that it was empty, but it wasn't. Here it ended up being one of my Harry Potter containers (yes, it's true. I have so much HP stuff that I need special storage), and it was so heavy that I ended up dropping it and broke three of my nails. My nails were all beautiful and long, and within seconds, they weren't. It was traumatizing.

Anyway, here's Pandora:

Thanks for reading!

Also, here's some more love from Linus and Lucy:


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