Sally Hansen Pretty in Hot Pink

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Fall is almost here! I'm so excited, and I just switched over to wearing darker shaded polishes, instead of the brighter, summer shades that I've been sporting the past few months. I have two more polishes that I probably won't be wearing over the next so many months all swatched and ready to go, so I figured I'd get those out of the way and talk about them this week! The polish I'm going to focus on in this post is Sally Hansen's Pretty in Hot Pink from the Xtreme Wear line.

Pretty in Hot Pink is a (you guessed it) hot pink shade. This isn't one of those very bright hot pinks. If I had to get really specific, I would describe this as more of a muted bubble gum hot pink. (Ha! Sometimes I feel so ridiculous writing this stuff...)

The formula for this one was pretty fantastic. It applied nice and even and was fully opaque in one coat. I usually feel weird doing one coat though, so I used two just because.

Here it is:

Also, here's a little bit of love from Linus:

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