Barielle Lemondrops

Hey everyone!

Today I have some swatches of Barielle's Lemondrops to share with you all! Lemondrops is from Barielle's 2013 Summer Brights Collection.

Lemondrops is a great bright yellow that really pops. It really reminds me of the Original Cheerios box color. As you can see, Linus is a huge fan of Cheerios, and was goofing around when I was eating cereal in bed the other night. :)


The formula for this one is a little thick, so it applies best when you try to do thinner coats. I used three! Also, clean up for this one can be a little difficult. It took me forever to clean up all of the excess yellow, and as I'm looking at my swatches, I can still see a few drops of yellow on my skin. Oops!

Thanks for reading! Also, I'm in the process of gathering all of my July favorites items, so you can expect that post later this weekend!

P.S: If you're interested in checking out Lemondrops, it's available on Amazon:


Friday Finds #2!

Hey everyone!

Friday is here once again, and it's time for another Friday finds!

Here are some things that inspired me this past week:

This office closet is amazing! I'm currently running two businesses and am using my extra room as one of their offices. Maybe I can use one of my many extra closets for my other business's office?
I am going to Disney World exactly two weeks from tomorrow! This gets me super excited, and makes me think about those three pairs of mouse ears I just bought for my sister, our friend, and myself! :)
I'm loving how they used those Christmas lights here. This inspires me to decorate my room with some of those extra lights I have in storage!

 I've been so busy lately that I've really wanted to get more organized. This daily journal would be an awesome way to keep everything in order!

I really love this! It definitely is inspiring me to be in the Word a little more! 
I run my own piano business and am in the process of preparing for my students' Fall recital. This would be such a cute little gift to give everyone who participates!
Thanks for reading!! I should have some nail polish swatches up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that post! :)

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