Google Reader's Over: Other ways to follow me!

Hey everyone!

As most of you have probably heard by now, Google is officially getting rid of Google Reader on July 1st. When I first heard about this change, I was a little confused. Actually, I'm still kind of confused. When many of you started to follow me through GFC, you probably clicked the Google Reader button. Google Reader and GFC are separate Google products though. So when there's no Google Reader, will my GFC number go down? Also, it seems like GFC is going to get the boot sooner or later as well. I currently have just under 3000 GFC followers, so this is a huge deal!

With all that being said, I just felt that I had to pause and take a moment to come on here and beg you all to please follow me on Bloglovin'. I know that there are other mediums for reading blogs out there, which I will definitely be looking into in the future, but I am fully committed to keeping Bloglovin' long term, so that is what I'm going to focus on at the moment.

Please click the button below to follow:

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Also, to ensure that we'll stay connected, please follow me via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or YouTube.


  1. How did you get this follow this blog with bloglovin button on this post?

    1. Go to the follow buttons in your account tab on Bloglovin'. Then, just copy the code and paste it into the html part of your post!

  2. I am not a fan of bloglovin but I used it when bloggers did not have a subscribe via email option before I figured out how to use the RSS feed in my email program which now is easy to add a blog to...

    There are some easy to use RSS readers and Google has a program called take out - - it will let you archive your blog URLs until you figure out what you want to use for a reader as well as it will merge your blogs out of Goggle reader into a # of other reader options.

    I don't get it when Blogger is one of the biggest blog programs out there and easy to use so many start there...Google has the access then to track and sell more advertising. I wondered with this info release and the mention that while GFC won't be pulled on July 1 like reader...but it will be pulled eventually if maybe Blogger will go down the road too?

    If folks type into a web search RSS readers, there are a lot of good (and bad) ones out there - and a # of lists in articles that rate the RSS feed readers. There are also directions on how to merge blogs out of Google Reader to new readers for iPad/iPhone's going to take time for many folks to find what they like and what works for where they read blogs so I do encourage folks to start now and not put it off.

  3. Hey! I'm a new follower here and on bloglovin! hope you will follow me back on my blog, I also have bloglovin! Keep in touch! : )


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