Born Pretty Leopard Scarf

Hey everyone!

Sorry for beening so absent lately! I've been working pretty hard on restructuring my blog, and as many of you have probably noticed, the entire layout of the site is completely different now. I'm still working out all of the organization problems with the tabs at the top of the page, but other than that, it's pretty much set up! So exciting! Anyway, I'm back now, and starting next week, I'll be starting to post everyday! (Maybe not Sundays though...I still haven't decided)

For today's post, I have another fashion item from Born Pretty to review for you all! The item that Born Pretty sent me to review this time is an awesome leopard print scarf! (I got the grey one)

This scarf is actually really soft and is made from some nice, sturdy material. This would look great with a dark t-shirt, and I'll definitely be wearing this during the spring! This retails for $5.94, which I think is a great price, since I usually see scarves going for about $12-$16 around where I live. (Born Pretty also offers free shipping!)

Check it out:

If you're interested in checking out Born Pretty, here's a coupon code:


  1. I love the new layout, it looks so clean and pretty!

    Love this scarf as well, I've been looking into wearing scarfs lately but the price (seriously, 20$ at target!) has turned me off. Will definitely have to look into born pretty!

  2. This looks gorgeous! The colour would be an easy match (:

  3. This is really cute, and you can't beat that price. I would have worried that it would be a weird material (since you never know with scarves), but I'm glad to hear it's nice and soft.


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