China Glaze Autumn Nights Winner!

Hey everyone!

Tonight, I'm finally able to let you all know who the winner of my China Glaze Autumn Nights Giveaway is! Sorry for the delay on this! The winner was actually my 4th pick, since the first two people that were chosen weren't subscribed to me, and then the 3rd didn't respond to my email within the 48 hours.


The Winner Is.....


I already emailed Megan, and she has responded, so this giveaway is officially closed! I had quite a few Megans sign up for this giveaway, so if that is your name and you didn't receive an email from me, it was someone else!

I should have a Christmas giveaway coming up in about a month, so keep an eye out for that! I'm trying to decide if I should do just one big giveaway or a bunch of small ones. (Maybe like 12 small ones for the 12 days of Christmas?) Let me know which you would prefer in the comments!

Thanks, guys! I should be updating more this week with some new swatches!

Fall clothes from Chic Nova!

Hey everyone!

Since fall is right around the corner, I've been looking into my options for new clothes, and recently found the website Chic Nova! For those of you who have never heard of Chic Nova, it's an online women's fashion store that sells a wide variety of items ranging from accessories to sweaters.

Chic Nova was kind enough to contact me to see if I would be interested in reviewing a couple of their items, and I said yes! Here is what I was sent:

This sweater was so hard to photograph! No matter what lighting I used, it came out darker than the actual color. The close up color is correct though! This sweater retails for $38 on Chic Nova. The price is a little high in my opinion, but this is a great basic sweater to have for the fall and winter months. The quality of the fabric was good (not itchy like most of the knit sweaters I have!), and it washed up fine. It's meant to be a little bulky, so when you wear it, I would pair it with some tighter fitting jeans!

These ivory heart printed tights are so cute! I have a couple of dresses that I like wear to church in the fall and winter that would look great with these. Just a fair warning though, the picture on the website makes these look white instead of the ivory color that they are! Also, when I washed these, I put them in a garmet bag and then let them air dry just to be safe. These retail for $10 on Chic Nova!
So, what do you guys think? Have any of you purchased anything from Chic Nova before? If so, what was it and do you like it?


Thanks for reading!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.*

August Favorites!

Hey everyone!
August is over, and it's time for my favorites post! Sorry this post is late! I had this all finished a week ago, and just realized I never actually published it. Better late than never.
Here are the beauty items that I was loving this past month:

I'm a big fan of the original DKNY Be Delicious perfume, and purchased this set for myself this past Christmas. I didn't use this that much at first, but lately, I've been loving trying out the other three Be Delicious scents. (especially the pink one!)
This book has awesome makeup tips! I have a few different makeup books, and this is definitely my favorite one at the moment.

I picked this mascara up on a whim this past month and I can't even express how much I love it! This really lengthens my lashes and adds a lot of volume.
The Coastal Scents Coat Nail Polish Collection
One of my sisters gave me this entire collection months ago, and I'm finally just getting into it. It has 25 different polishes in it that I've been swatching like crazy, since I'd love to have them all in one post for you guys!

I pretty much wore this eye shadow everyday this past month! It's an awesome neutral shade that I was really loving!
Thanks for reading!!!

P.S: Did you know I'm currently giving away the entire China Glaze Autumn Nights Collection? If you're interested in entering, check it out here!


Sally Hansen Pretty in Hot Pink

Hey everyone!

Fall is almost here! I'm so excited, and I just switched over to wearing darker shaded polishes, instead of the brighter, summer shades that I've been sporting the past few months. I have two more polishes that I probably won't be wearing over the next so many months all swatched and ready to go, so I figured I'd get those out of the way and talk about them this week! The polish I'm going to focus on in this post is Sally Hansen's Pretty in Hot Pink from the Xtreme Wear line.

Pretty in Hot Pink is a (you guessed it) hot pink shade. This isn't one of those very bright hot pinks. If I had to get really specific, I would describe this as more of a muted bubble gum hot pink. (Ha! Sometimes I feel so ridiculous writing this stuff...)

The formula for this one was pretty fantastic. It applied nice and even and was fully opaque in one coat. I usually feel weird doing one coat though, so I used two just because.

Here it is:

Also, here's a little bit of love from Linus:

Thanks for reading!

China Glaze Autumn Nights Collection Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I am very excited to announce that I've been blessed with the opportunity to hold a giveaway that will allow one of you to win China Glaze's Autumn Nights Collection!

This is China Glaze Fall 2013 collection, which consists of the following 12 polishes: Charmed, I'm Sure, Don't Make Me Wine, Goldie but Goodie, Gossip Over Gimlets, Kiss My Glass, Public Relations, Queen B, Red-y & Willing, Rendezvous With You, Scandalous Shenanigans, Strike Up a Cosmo, and Tongue & Chic.

-This is open internationally!
-In order to participate, you must be a follower of my blog through Bloglovin. (New followers are welcome!)

-You may only enter once. :)
-Once a winner is selected and emailed, they will have 48 hours to respond. If I do not hear back from them within that time frame, I will select another winner.

-This ends on October 20th at 11:59 PM CST.

 Please fill out the form below to enter!

Barielle Lemondrops

Hey everyone!

Today I have some swatches of Barielle's Lemondrops to share with you all! Lemondrops is from Barielle's 2013 Summer Brights Collection.

Lemondrops is a great bright yellow that really pops. It really reminds me of the Original Cheerios box color. As you can see, Linus is a huge fan of Cheerios, and was goofing around when I was eating cereal in bed the other night. :)


The formula for this one is a little thick, so it applies best when you try to do thinner coats. I used three! Also, clean up for this one can be a little difficult. It took me forever to clean up all of the excess yellow, and as I'm looking at my swatches, I can still see a few drops of yellow on my skin. Oops!

Thanks for reading! Also, I'm in the process of gathering all of my July favorites items, so you can expect that post later this weekend!

P.S: If you're interested in checking out Lemondrops, it's available on Amazon:


Friday Finds #2!

Hey everyone!

Friday is here once again, and it's time for another Friday finds!

Here are some things that inspired me this past week:

This office closet is amazing! I'm currently running two businesses and am using my extra room as one of their offices. Maybe I can use one of my many extra closets for my other business's office?
I am going to Disney World exactly two weeks from tomorrow! This gets me super excited, and makes me think about those three pairs of mouse ears I just bought for my sister, our friend, and myself! :)
I'm loving how they used those Christmas lights here. This inspires me to decorate my room with some of those extra lights I have in storage!

 I've been so busy lately that I've really wanted to get more organized. This daily journal would be an awesome way to keep everything in order!

I really love this! It definitely is inspiring me to be in the Word a little more! 
I run my own piano business and am in the process of preparing for my students' Fall recital. This would be such a cute little gift to give everyone who participates!
Thanks for reading!! I should have some nail polish swatches up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that post! :)

Friday Finds #1!

Hey everyone!
Happy Friday! Over the past few months, I've noticed quite a few bloggers writing "Friday Finds" posts. In these posts, they put pictures of things that they discovered over that week that inspired them. I'm always seeing cool stuff online, so I thought it would be fun to jump on board and start writing my own Friday Finds posts!
Here are some cool things that I found this week:
This makes me want to sit out by the lake under an umbrella, which I could do, if I actually had an umbrella! :)
I'm really loving these white, lace shoes! I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for a pair like these!
This really makes me want to do a glitter wall in my studio. I'm betting it would be really messy and hard to paint over though!

I've really loving all of the hot air balloon pictures I've been seeing around lately. It definitely makes me feel summer-y!
I love John Calvin!

Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I've been dreaming of having a library in my future home just like this since I was a little kid.

I just booked a trip to Disney, so this makes me really excited!
Have you found anything inspiring this week? If so, leave it in the comments below!
Thanks for reading!

An Update/Linus and Lucy!

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I am officially back to blogging regularly! During my absence, I received a bunch of emails from a lot of you guys asking where I was, so I thought it would be fun to give you all a little update on what has changed since I've been gone!

There haven't been a ton of huge changes over the past few months, but one really exciting thing that has happened is that I finally moved into my own place! I've had roommates in the past, and was most recently living at home, and finally came to the point where I was ready for my own space! I found an awesome place that's just two blocks from my sister's and I'm absolutely in love with it! I was able to turn one of the bedrooms into my "studio" for my nail polish and makeup, which I'm almost finished setting up. Once I'm done with that, you can definitely expect a makeup and nail polish collection/storage post!

Also, the most exciting thing that has happened is that I got two kittens, Linus and Lucy! I got Lucy first, and then a little over a month later, I got Linus! Lucy is currently 9 months, and Linus is 4 months! They are both adorable, and I'm completely in love with them!

I can't think of much else that's really new, but just an FYI--I've been going through all of my polishes, and have found a ton that I haven't swatched yet, so there are quite a few nail posts coming your way! Also, a new giveaway should be up next week! :)
Thanks for reading!

I'm back! China Glaze Hologram Collection Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone!

I'm back! Sorry for the crazy long absence. Things have been extremely busy and it's been hard enough trying to do my laundry, let alone blog. Today, I finally selected the winner for my most recent giveaway!

The winner is......


Congrats, Emerie! I've already contacted her, and she responded, so this giveaway is officially closed.

Thanks to everyone who participated! If you didn't win, don't be discouraged! I should have another giveaway starting in a few weeks!

Barielle Sweet Treats Collection!

Hey everyone!

I'm finally back to posting polish swatches! So excited! Today, I have swatches of the polishes from Barielle's Sweet Treats collection to share with you all! This Spring 2013 collection consists of five sweet themed polishes.

Check them out!

Green Apple Chew
A vibrant lime green creme.

Banana Drop
A light, creamy yellow shade.

Lilac Jelly Bean
A lilac creme with a slight hint of gray.
Blue Cotton Candy
A bright, medium-toned blue shimmer.

Orange Parfait
A dark coral creme.
These all applied amazing, and were completely opaque in two coats! This collection comes in a five-pack set on the Barielle website for $25.

**Products provided for an honest review**

China Glaze Avant Collection Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lateness of this post! As I mentioned last week, I was completely burnt out, and ended up taking an extended break from blogging. I'm back now though, and am so excited to announce the winner of my most recent China Glaze giveaway!

The winner is.....


Congrats! I've already emailed her, and she's responded, so the giveaway is officially over! If you didn't win, don't be discouraged! I'll be posting a new giveaway next week, so you'll have another chance to win some great polishes soon! :)

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