YoYo Lip Gloss Justice Exclusive!

Hey everyone!

Today, I have a post for some of my younger readers! YoYo Lip Gloss just sent me three of their new glosses that are exclusives to the Justice Stores. While I am definitely way too old to be using a product like this (I'm 23), this is definitely something that would be a really cute gift for younger/middle school aged girls!

The lip glosses that I was sent are the flavors Berry, Bubblegum, and Kiwi. These came attached to cute rhinestone clips that would make these perfect to attach to a backpack or purse! I don't really know many younger girls who would like these, so I think I'm going to send them off to my younger cousin Alex. (Alex--if you're reading this I hope you'll like these!)

These retail for $10 each at Justice Stores ($30 for the set)!

Check them out!


  1. These are so cute!! :D Personally, I would totally love these and won't care that I'm already 20+, haha!

  2. I work part-time at a Justice store. And they are super cute. And usually retail for around 6$ whenever there is a sale (which is all the time). :)


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