November Favorites!

Hey everyone!

Another month has already flown by, so it's time for another favorites post! Sorry for the delay on this! I ended up having vocal cord surgery this past Tuesday and haven't really felt up to blogging much!

A lot of the products that were some of my favorites this past month were ones that I've had for a long time, but never really used much!

Check them out:

Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin
This blush has such an awesome consistency to it! If you lightly place your finger on it, it actually bounces! I've heard of some people who have a hard time applying this, but I've never really run into that issue. I just lightly drag my fingers on the blush in a circular motion for a couple of seconds and then lightly dab it on my cheeks. This has a nice beautiful look to it that's great for a more natural look!
Mary Kay Concealer in Ivory
I had a couple of break outs this past month and really needed a nice concealer to help even out my skin tone. I really love this concealer because it's thick, yet gives a nice smooth look. I also have extremely light skin, and this blends into my skin perfectly without giving that awkward orange look that concealer can sometimes give.

 This was one of my favorite polishes to wear this past month! I just loved this dark teal shade and thought it was a perfect fall color!
 After applying some of my Urban Decay primer potion, I started adding a layer of this on my eyes before applying my shadows. This really made the colors I applied pop!
I've been really into creating more simple/natual eye looks, and I hadn't used this palette in quite awhile, so I decided to use it more this past month. I really loved using the shades Champagne, Sunset, Sandstone, and Bare.
Thanks for reading!!!


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