December Starbox!

Hey everyone!

Today, I have my December Starbox to share with you all! This month's box came with an awesome 15 color eyeshadow palette! This palette is sold for $99 on the Starlooks site, and the Starbox subscription is only $15, so this month's box was an amazing deal!

This palette comes with a ton of bright colors! I tried to swatch each of the shadows to show you guys, but since the colors were so intense, I couldn't get my pictures to turn out that well. I, however, did manage to get a decent shot of the entire palette! Check it out:

I've worn some of the lighter shades from this palette a couple of times, and I can safely say that the shadows are soft and blend well. They also lasted all day with some of my Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath!

If you're interested in learning more about Starlooks or the Starbox subscription service, you can find more info here!

1 comment:

  1. Woooh! These are way bright - fun @ times - maybe too much for me most of the time - I am going through a phase where I were less and less makeup - I need some matte bronzer, cheeks, undereye concelarler and brows - other than that, I am not wearing much - but not working - home a lot makes a lot of difference in what I make up to look like - I have a lot more chance to be more natural and give my skin a rest. Still, I am so fair these shades would really overpower me unless I wore them as little accent colors at the corner or above a liner. Right now, not a part of any monthly subscriptions.


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