Born Pretty Long Black Ribbon Head Band Review!

Hey everyone!

Born Pretty recently sent me a really cute head band to try out! For those of you who don't know much about Born Pretty yet, it's an awesome beauty and fashion online store! They have a lot of cute things at really cheap prices, and offer FREE World Wide Shipping! If you haven't checked them out yet, you definitely should!

Anyway, Born Pretty sent me this head band that is made to look like you're just wearing a ribbon in your hair. I was a little worried that this wouldn't fit me that well since my head tends to lean towards the larger side (I usually have a difficult time wearing hats because of this). This actually was really flexible and fit me great! You can tie the bow as big as you want, depending on how much of the ribbon you would like to show in your hair.

This head band would be a cute way to dress up a casual outfit! I love it!

This retails for $1.99 on Born Pretty!

Here's a coupon code:

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