Born Pretty Leggings Review!

Hey everyone!

Born Pretty recently sent me some of their leggings to try out!

(Sorry for the lame picture! I wasn't exactly sure how to photograph these, and I didn't have anything to wear with them that matched the blue color! There are better pictures on the Born Pretty Website!)

These leggings were actually really great quality! They were fairly thick and stretchy, and fit me perfectly! The only major downside to them was the color. They were supposed to be opaque black, but they look like they lean more towards a navy blue shade. I tried to pair these with a black dress, and the color difference was definitely noticeable! I'm sure I'll find a need for them in the future though, so I'm definitely glad I have these!

These retail for $7.75 on Born Pretty!

Here's a coupon code if you're interested in making a purchase!

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