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Hey everyone!

Today I have a review of Sage Clothing to share with you all! Sage Clothing is a woman's fashion store based out of Atlanta that has an online shop. Sage Clothing's mission is to provide the "hottest fashion finds at an affordable price."

After looking through the Sage Clothing website, I really like it! Their site is really clean cut and organized, which makes looking for specific items really easy. They also have a wide selection of products.

I found a huge number of things that I would love to wear on this site. My only problem is that their prices, in my opinoin, are very expensive, and I don't believe their products are being offered at an "affordable price" like their mission statement says. Some examples of the high prices are: a pair of gloves for $20, a mini skirt for $58, and a sleeveless dress for $90.

I don't know much about the brands that their products come from or the quality, so maybe the prices are justified. I just find it hard to pay these amounts for products that I'm buying online. If I had went into their store in Atlanta and had fallen in love with one of the products, maybe I would consider purchasing. I looked on their website for a return policy, and I could not find one.

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to pay these prices for clothing you're buying online?

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