Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake

Hey everyone!

Today I have some swatches of Nicole by OPI's For Gold Times Sake to share with you all! This one is part of Nicole by OPI's Fall 2012 collection that is exclusive to Target stores.

This polish is so pretty! I would describe this polish as an olive green foil base with gold, purple, and blue glitter. It has a ton of dimension, which made it very difficult to photograph.

I didn't have any problems with the formula, so this applied great. I love Nicole by OPI's wide brushes! They make applying these thicker glitter polishes so much easier! I used three coats!

Check it out:

Thanks for Reading!!!


  1. This is gorgeous and such a unique polish. I love the different colours of glitter scattered in it!

  2. This is pretty - I was at Target last Friday - they did not have this one - they had the green one from fall that is complex also and the Busta Mava one - looked like they had added those 2 into the main line of Target colors as they were in the regular NOPI shelf with their own labels for shelving - so maybe this one did not make the reg Target line cut? Not sure. They had the NOPI Kardashian Kolors for holiday out - did not come home with any of those - not impressed so I think the Target fall shades are done - least at the Target I was in.

  3. really pretty! Looks like a great Fall colour :)


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