My Favorite Nail Supplies: Nail Dotting Pens

Hey everyone!

I'm starting a new series that highlights some of my favorite nail products that I use! The first product I love to use and would recommend are these Nail Dotting Pens.

These pens are, in my opinion, probably the easiest way to create nail art. I just pick whatever size dots I would like on my nails, dip the pen in the polish of my choice, and lightly dab it on the nail! These are also super affordable, and retail for $1.90 on Amazon! (Free Shipping too!!) If you're interested in picking these up, you can here.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. I love these, I have the same ones and they were so cheap! you cant beat the deal. I actually ended up forgetting I ordered them because the shipment came from hong kong and it took like a month!

  2. I have the same ones too. It is great to have so many tips to choose from in that set too.


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