YuYu Fashion Store Review!

Hey everyone!

Tonight, I have a review of the YuYu Fashion Store to share with you all! For those of you who have never heard of YuYu Fashion, it's a Singapore and Malaysia online fashion store. The site pretty new, considering it just opened this past year. YuYu sells a huge variety of fashion, apparel, shoes, and accessories!

Even though YuYu Fashion is based in Singapore, they ship internationally, so you can get their products no matter where you're located! (I tried to look into international shipping costs, but couldn't find any info) Also, they accept payment through paypal!

I took a look through the website, and I saw a ton of different clothing items that I would love to wear! They seem to have something for all different types of people. The prices were relatively cheap. You could get a dress on this site for $15 or a pair of earrings for $5.

Check them out:

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  1. Any review of that site needs to include the fact that it only sells clothes for tiny people. I'm an average-sized American woman, and I wear sizes 10-12 in US sizing, which is...duh duh duh... 40-42! in UK sizing. But this shop sells only clothes that fit on their UK size 6 models.

    I'm not dissing their site - that's what they have available, and they sell it at an amazing price - but if you're going to review the site, you do need to point it out, I think.


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