Milani 3D Holographic Collection

Hey everyone!

How have you all been? For those of you who don't know yet, I've been working with some companies to advertise on my blog so I can afford to spend more time working on polish stuff for you guys! One of the first companies who committed to this was Yu Yu fashion! They're really nice. :) If you haven't had a chance to yet, you can visit their website by clicking the ad in my sidebar!

Today I have some swatches of Milani's 3D Holographic collection! This collection consists of 5 different polishes that have what is described by Milani as "a unique 3D holographic effect that no other nail lacquer has ever achieved." (These polishes are really pretty, but I don't know if I would go that far...)

Formula wise, these polishes are very sheer, which actually makes them very easy to work with. These polishes are extremely smooth and don't have a clumpy, gritty feel to them like most glitter polishes. Since these polishes apply so thin, three coats are necessary in order to reach full opacity.

Here are the swatches:








  1. Oh, I love Holos! :)
    I don't know, if the Milani Holos are overly special, but they're really nice! :D

  2. they are all beautiful but the cyberspace is the bomb!

  3. I have a couple of these and they are great, it's just so hard for me to love scattered holo with all the linear ones out there! Great swatches!


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