Sally Hansen Pink Punch

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great week! Today, I have some swatches of Sally Hansen's Pink Punch from the Xtreme Wear line to share with you all! Pink Punch is a bright pink/berry color. This polish is a jelly, so I found the formula to be a little bit difficult to work with. (I'm not a huge fan of jelly polishes, and tend to find the formula to be a little bit goopy and hard to get even) Despite the formula issues, I thought this was a pretty polish, and I really liked it! I used three coats!


  1. I am not fan of jelly polishes either, but the color of this one looks very pretty :)

  2. ^^ What Miss L said. I'm not into jellies as a rule, but some are really pretty colour-wise. Like this one :)

  3. I love Sally Hansen products just got a grey color today. Love it. Love your blog.


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