Sally Hansen Coral Reef

Hey everyone!

I started Holly and Polish exactly one year ago today! Thanks to all of you who have been coming here to check out my nails! I was going to do some cool nail art for this occasion, but I have been extremely sick with laryngitis for the past week, so I really didn't have the energy to put anything together. I have plenty of pictures backed up of some great polishes, so I'm just going to share one of them with you all today!

I'm going to share some pictures of Coral Reef by Sally Hansen from the Xtreme Wear line! Coral Reef is a really pretty bubble gum pink color. It's definitely a lot more pink than coral. The formula for this one was awesome! It applied really smooth and was completely opaque in two coats. I picked this up at Target for about $2.50.


  1. congrats on your one year! this is a really pretty colour too!

  2. Well happy 1 yr anniversary to you and thanks for all the wonderful photos and blogging. I am sure I would have far fewer polishes and more $ in my pocket book if I had not discovered polish blogs just about a yr ago! This is a nice wearable (but not boring) shade.


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