Revlon Sunshine Sparkle

Hey everyone!

Today I have some swatches of Revlon's Sunshine Sparkle to share with you all! I picked this polish up for $1 from the clearance section at Target. I've heard so many people say that the formula for almost every yellow polish they use is terrible, so I really don't know why I bought this one. (I think it was because I don't really have any yellow polishes and it was only a dollar...but still)

Anyway, Sunshine Sparkle is a beautiful light yellow color with a slight shimmer to it. I really love the color, but other than that, this polish was just terrible. This was so difficult to apply! The formula was really goopy, which made the polish really hard to get even. I ended up having to use 5 coats in order to make it look even, and just when I thought it looked somewhat decent, it started to bubble! It was so frustrating. I now understand why this was only a dollar...

I care about you guys, so I won't subject you to too many pictures of this, but here it is:


  1. wow!!! what a lovely shade!!!

  2. my fav color is yellow, so.. love <3
    it's weird that it's so terrible, Revlon is good brand.. obviosly they messed this up..

  3. This is one of those yellows I cannot wear. I can only pull off yellows that have more gold in them and not an Easter pale yellow. Funny as I can wear most yellows in clothing - but not a yellow that has this amount of white in it.


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