Pool Party and Color Trip tape manicure!

Hey everyone!

Today, I have a really bright tape manicure that I wore a couple of days ago to share with you all! To create this, I used China Glaze's Pool Party, Sparitual's Color Trip, and Sally Hansen's Celeb City from the Xtreme Wear line.

I started out with Pool Party (the bright pink shade) on my nails, and then used tape to section off half of my nail and then put on Color Trip (bright magenta color). I let everything dry, and then I used tape again to make the line (Celeb City) in between both colors. (If you don't want to go through the trouble of waiting for the second color to dry before using tape again, you could just draw the middle line yourself. The only reason why I chose to use tape is because I'm not that good at nail art and I struggle making perfectly straight lines. This is my favorite type of tape manicure to make! It's super easy, and it looks great with pretty much any color combinations.

Here are some pictures:


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