Loreal Club Prive

Hey everyone!

Tonight I have some swatches of Loreal's Club Prive to share with you all! Club Prive is a light teal creme. I had never tried Loreal polishes before, so I didn't know what to expect, but I was really impressed. This polish applied great! It went on really even was was completely opaque in two coats. Here are some pictures:


  1. That's a beautiful shade. I have seen that L'Oreal polish line and I haven't tried it yet, I might try this polish soon :)

  2. I love this. One of my favorite colors to wear.

  3. I always feel the need to buy colors like this, even though I own too many that are very similar. It's just so pretty!

  4. I love this shade, perfect for summer days.

  5. Nice shade - wish my area carried L'Oreal polishes. For some reason they pulled out from every retail possibility in this area including Walmarts even. I would have thought they stopped making polish and much of their make up if I did not keep seeing it on blogs! Not sure if this is economic driven or what. Seems odd that an entire HUGE area of CA is left in the dark when it comes to L'Oreal polish. We get the hair care and skin care.

  6. I love this color

    I just can't understand, I live in France, and L'oréal polishes come from here, but ours are ugly, even the shape of the bottle isn't the same
    not fair



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