Revlon Orchid

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! This week has just been super crazy for me. I started a new job on Tuesday, and when I got there, I found out the training I have to do for 4-8 weeks is full-time instead of part-time, which is what I was hired for. I ended up having to work way more hours than planned and talk to a bunch of people within the company to get my training schedule changed. Definitely stressful. I think I finally might have gotten everything solved yesterday, so I'm hoping things work out.

Today, I'm wearing Revlon's Orchid. This polish actually belongs to my sister, but since we live together, we tend to share our polishes a lot. (Thanks Casey!) Orchid is a really pretty, light fuchsia color. I formula for this one was ok, but not great. It was a little bit runny and hard to work with. Also, this was a little bit streaky. I ended up using three coats.

Want this polish?? Here's the link!!!


  1. This is a great color! Don't work to hard!

  2. Beautiful color (and name). I hope your schedule is all sorted out :)

  3. Such a cute color! Love it :)

    xox, Maria

  4. I have this polish and love it!!


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