Misa Toxic Seduction

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not posting in over a week! I just started a new job that requires long training hours, and with Christmas, I just haven't had time to concentrate on my nails. Things are starting to settle down a little bit, so I'm now going to go back to my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday schedule.

Tonight, I have some swatches of Misa's Toxic Seduction to show you all. Toxic Seduction is a dark green shimmer with a hint of teal to it. This polish applied great, and was completely opaque and even in two coats. Here are some pictures:

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Really pretty color. I've only tried a few Misa polishes but they've all had excellent formulas. Love it!

  2. Such a lovely color! I've never tried a Misa polish!


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