25 days of Christmas nails: Snowflakes

Hey everyone!

I hope you've all been having a great Monday so far! For my Christmas nails today, I tried to stamp some snowflakes over Misa's Toxic Seduction. The Misa polish looked great behind the white snowflakes, but I didn't do that great of a job stamping. This was only about my 3rd time stamping my nails, and I had a hard time getting the snowflake to be in the middle of my nail. So, the design on all of my nails is shifted over to the left a little bit...oops! I think I'll end up trying to stamp the snowflake again sometime soon, but maybe just for an accent nail. Here are some pictures:


  1. Very cute! I have some snowflake nails I need to post, too, before it isn't even winter time anymore. lol.

  2. I used this stamp last night! Instead of trying to get the snowflakes in the middle of my nail I did a few on each nail in different colors overlapping and off center. It actually turned out the way I was picturing it in my head which never happens. I love the background color on yours! :)


  3. I think it turned out great! Love the green!

  4. These are really simple and so awesome!


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