25 days of Christmas nails: Peppermint

Hey everyone!

Only 19 more days till Christmas! For my day 6 Christmas nails, I used tape to make a peppermint look. This took me absolutely forever to do since I had to wait for each stripe to dry before I could add more tape to do the other ones. I'm sure I could have cut the tape into even strips to just do each nail at a time, but I was afraid that I would end up messing up the stripes if I did that. I used two Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes in the shades White On and Cherry Red to create this. Here are some pictures:


  1. idk how you didnt bite your nails! they look so yummy!

  2. This looks wonderful!

    Whenever I do stripes, I paint a base color, wait for it to dry completely, put down a couple strips of tape on my nail, paint over the whole nail with the next color, and then immediately pull up each strip of tape one after another, and repeat that on each nail. The longest part is just waiting for them to dry. :) Hope that helps!

  3. It looks really cute! I need to try that this season. :)

  4. These look so fantastic and pretty !! I love your blog and i wait u my blog !! :))
    (following you now)


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