China Glaze Brownstone

Hey everyone!

Tonight, I have some swatches of China Glaze's Brownstone to show you all! Brownstone is a rustic red/brown creme. I actually purchased this polish for my Mom when she asked me to find her an orange/brown fall color. I had no idea what color she was even trying to describe, and was relieved when I found this polish when I was out shopping.

The formula for this one was pretty good. It went on really smooth, and I only ended up needing two coats. Brownstone is from China Glaze's Metro Collection.

If you're interested in purchasing this polish, it's available on Amazon. Here's the link! :)

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Contemplated this color! Gorgeous on you!!!

  2. That is so pretty! Is it brown is it red lol Love it!

  3. I have this and just love it!! Such a pretty color!

  4. Hello!!!
    Great mani! Looks really sexy:D
    Btw, you've got an amazing blog! I'm your new follower and I will really appreciate when you check out my blog too! It's mostly about know:D

    Have a nice day!

  5. Umm - I like this on you. I passed up on this one thinking it would do the same to my skin tone as redish brown eye shadows do to me as well - crying eye - red skin look. I don't have a red that has this much brown in it. Maybe if there still is some in a Sally's I hit randomly sometime, I will luck out and pick it up on sale - or a good close out on an etailer to give it a try. I thought I had some similar shades from Fall 2011 Essie and that brownred works on me.


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