Can you do me a favor?

Hey everyone!

So, I have a huge favor to ask you all...

Could you guys please check out my Aunt's new blog, Creative Possibilities? My Aunt has been stamping for 12 years now, and she makes really awesome cards and crafts. She's been posting some really cute stuff almost every day since she started blogging. As of right now, her only followers are my sister and I, and I know it would be really encouraging to her if she were to have other people reading her posts that weren't just family.

Here's an example of some of the stuff she does:

It's a slip cover for a box of kleenex. Super cute!

Thanks so much for all of the support!!!


  1. She has some really beautiful creations! Thanks for sharing her blog with us! Next to polish, I love crafts!

  2. I love crafting and stamping! Heading over there right now!!!

  3. thanks for sharing the link! its so sweet to see you support your aunt :) i already checked her out and followed her! i cant wait to see what she comes up with :D

  4. The slip cover for a box of kleenex looks adorable! Thanks for sharing her blog :)


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