Sally Hansen Uptempo Plum

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Saturday so far! My grandma’s surgery went really well yesterday, and they’re already letting her come home today! Thanks to everyone for your nice thoughts and comments yesterday.

Today, I have some swatches of Sally Hansen’s Uptempo Plum from the Insta-Dri line to show you all. Uptempo Plum is a deep purple color that almost looks black. This polish has an awesome purple and copper shimmer to it in certain lighting. The formula for this one was great, and it took two coats to be completely even. I love the Insta-Dri polishes, because they have a very different brush compared to the majority of other polishes that's a lot wider and makes the polish super easy to use.

If you're interested in purchasing this polish, they have it on Amazon! Here's the link:


  1. Glad to hear your grandma's doing better ;)

  2. that color looks really good! :) Glad to hear everything went well with your grandma' <3

  3. That polish is Very pretty!

  4. This would be a nice polish for Halloween and a witch costume!


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