China Glaze Vertical Rush

Hey everyone!

I just have a very short post for you all today. This morning, my Grandma is having surgery, so I’m about to go to spend the day in the hospital with my aunt and sister. For those of you who are believers, your prayers would be much appreciated!
Today, I have some swatches of China Glaze’s Vertical Rush to show you all. Vertical Rush is a raspberry color with a hint of pink to it. This has a slight blue shimmer to it that’s only noticeable in some lighting, but I think you can see it in some of my pictures. This applied great, and I only had to use two coats. I picked this up the other day at Sally Beauty in the clearance section for only $1!!!

If you're interested, you can find this polish on Amazon. Here's the link:


  1. Not a fan of this color but am sending good vibes to your gramma! Hope she does ok.

  2. Hope your grandma gets better. I'll pray for her. My best friends grandma just got taken to the ER and is in very bad shape :( She needs a few prayers too.

    Lovely polish. I really like the color; it reminds me of OPI's The one that got away (Katy Perry collection)

  3. I love this color. Do you think it would be appropriate for an older woman? I value your opinion Holly. Your blog rocks.

  4. Good luck to your grandma....fingers and prayers crossed!


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