Essie Nice is Nice

Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to show you all some swatches of Essie's Nice is Nice. I took these swatches awhile ago and just never posted them because I didn't feel like they were that great. I went into my internship this morning planning on being able to head home mid-afternoon, which would give me plenty of time to take some pictures of the polish I'm currently wearing. However, part way through my shift I ended up getting a call from a woman I babysit for asking if I could come over right when I was done working, which meant that I was not able to get home until after it was dark out. (I have found that my pictures using artificial lighting don't turn out that well, so I've been trying to only use natural lighting)

Anyway, Nice is Nice is a beautiful lavender color. The formula for this one is great, and I had absolutely no problems with it at all. My pictures appear to show some bubbles in the polish, but that was my own mistake with the top coat, and was not the polishes fault. I purchased this polish last Spring, and it is from Essie's French Affair collection.

If you want this for yourself, you can pick it up on Amazon. (That's where I got mine) :) Here's the link:


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