Sally Hansen Strobe Light

Hey guys!

Late last night I was looking at my blog and I decided that I really didn’t like my background at all. For those of you who don’t remember what it looked like, it was a basically just a really dark gray color, and I just felt like it was really gloomy and my swatches looked terrible against it. After messing around with the template designer for awhile, I ended up changing my background and the overall layout of my blog. I think it looks nice and feel like it looks way less depressing than before. What do you guys think? 

Today I’m excited to show you guys some swatches of one of my favorite polishes! The polish that I’m talking about is Strobe Light by Sally Hansen from the Xtreme Wear Line. I have heard that this one is a dupe of OPI's Teenage Dream , but I’m unsure if that’s really true since I personally don’t own Teenage Dream. Strobe Light consists of a very light pink base (it’s so light it almost looks clear) with pink and silver holographic glitter. I’ve seen a lot of people layer this over another polish, but I really love to wear it alone. (To do this I usually will wear four coats) All of the glitter made this one really hard to get swatches of, and I don’t really feel like my pictures do it justice.

Here's the link to purchase this polish:


  1. WOW! What an awesome polish. AND the new background looks great!

  2. I have Teenage Dream and I'd say it's a lot more opaque. You get full coverage without VNL in two coats. It has a metallic base whereas it seems that Strobelight has more of a clear base loaded with glitter.
    Nevertheless it is gorgeous!
    Oh and the backround looks very nice. :)


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