Hey guys!

So today I ended up going to a local garden with my sister and the girls that she nannys, and I ended up telling her about this blog. For some reason, I felt somewhat strange telling people that I do this, because I felt like they would think it was weird or tease me about it. My sister and I are pretty close and shop for polishes together all the time, so telling her was somewhat necessary. Much to my relief, she thought it was really cool and said she’d check it out tonight. So, HI CASEY!!! Do any of you guys talk to your family or friends about your blogs? Do they think it’s weird?

Anyway, today I’m wearing SoHo by NYC. SoHo is a light bubble gum pink color. This one’s a shimmer, and in the bottle, it looks a little bit darker than what it looks like on the nail. The formula is a little bit watery, so it will need about 3-4 coats to reach full opacity. This polish usually retails for about $1.99.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Very pretty polish! EVERYONE knows I blog about nails. I am not embarrassed as it is my hobby. Some people think it is weird but they have no clue how addicting this stuff is! All my family stalks my blog (even my dad) haha!

  2. Don't be embarrased to tell people! Your blog is fantastic!

  3. PS. Thanks for Adding me to your blogroll :) xxx

  4. Love this color it so pretty and perfect, hope u can follow back im now following ur great blog.


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