Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze

Hey everyone!

Woohoo! It’s Friday! Do any of you guys have anything awesome planned for this weekend? The only plans I have this weekend are to go over to my sister’s place and help her put together her new Harry Potter lego sets. (The other day were out shopping and she decided to splurge and bought both of the castle sets!!!) I’m so excited! Haha. 

Anyway, today I’m wearing Peachy Breeze by Sally Hansen from the Insta-Dri line. In my opinion, this definitely doesn’t look like a peach shade. Peach, to me, is an orange color, and this one definitely leans more towards pink. I would describe this color as a blend between coral and pink. This one was super easy to apply. I have a feeling that might be because the Insta-Dri brushes are a little bit thicker than normal polish brushes, which I kind of like. (I’ll post a picture below so you can see what I mean) I used two coats.

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  1. Wow, I'm just in love with this color. Deep pink is not easy to found !!

    Great Swatch


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