NYC Downtown

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not posting in so long! After going to Chicago for a couple of days, my sister and I decided to move in together, so I’ve been really busy looking at apartments and getting ready to move. I hadn’t been planning on moving until June, but my sister had been searching for places to live on her own and wasn’t having any luck, so I offered to find a place with her. (I've just been living with my grandparents to save money so finding a place with her just made the most sense.) I’m so excited though, because this afternoon, I think we finally found the place we want to move into!

Anyway, today I have some swatches of Downtown by NYC to show you guys. Downtown is a dark magenta creme that is perfect for the fall. Formula wise, this one was great and I had no problems with it at all! This got completely opaque in one coat, but I used two just to be safe. I purchased this at Target for about $1.50.


  1. This looks great on your nails!

  2. What a stunning colour! Similar to one of the China Glaze Metro's I think!?! Cant remember which one - It might be City Siren?? Congrats on the move! :)

  3. pretty color, looks great on you! :)


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