Mango by Petites


I hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday! My day has been great so far. I didn’t end up having to work today, so I was able to sleep in, and I will soon be going to hang out with my Mom at our local pool. I’m looking forward to having a stress free afternoon to just lounge around. It should be fun.

I wanted to pick a bright, fun color to wear today, so I ended up deciding on Mango by Petites. I got this polish about a year ago at Walmart for only $1, and it is awesome! I mainly bought this color to wear on Sundays during the football season (Go Bears!), but I think it’s a fun shade to wear if you’re in the mood for something bright. This shade is a bright orange creme, and the formula for this one is great. It was really easy to apply and I probably could have gotten away with only wearing one coat, but I did two anyway. 

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  1. I have this polish and I love it. Petites are one of my favorite brands :)


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