Julep Alfre

Hey everyone!

I’m super excited today, because tomorrow my sister and I are going to Chicago. We’re just going there for a little trip to relax before we start our fall schedules and get really busy. We’re going there tomorrow morning, and will be returning Saturday night, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to post anything on here for the next couple of days. I might if we have some down time, but I guess we’ll see. 

Anyway, today I have some swatches of Julep's Alfre to show you all. Alfre is a dusty blue/purple frost. This is a really streaky polish, so I ended up using three coats of it to try to minimize the streaks.  I have some other polishes that look just like this one, and with the streakiness, I don’t think this is one that I will be using a lot. I got this polish from my Julep Maven box, and this is not available until Fall ’11.


  1. Very pretty! Make sure you go to the aquarium! The best in the USA. In my opinion of course!! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Sign up if you want!

  2. That's very pretty!
    Have a great time in Chicago! I'm going to London next weekend, so hopefully will be able to get us both some goodies! :-) x

  3. Hello Holly,

    You have lovely nails girl! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    ~ Al

  4. So pretty! Have fun in Chicago!

  5. I love that you can get colours that aren't even available yet!


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