First Tape Manicure!

Hey everyone!

So earlier I posted a swatch of Genie in This Bottle by Misa. Even though I really love this polish alone, I wanted to mix it up a little and add something more to it. I decided to try doing a tape manicure. I’ve seen a lot of tape manicures over on the blog The Manicure Maniac and really wanted to try it out. I ended up adding Misa’s Touch this Rainbow on top of Genie in This Bottle to create this look. Since this was my first time trying this out, it doesn’t necessarily look perfect, but I like it anyway. Here it is:


  1. Well done Holly! For a first attempt that looks fantastic! My first tape mani was an absolute mess! More practice!

    Thanks for the link :) Check back soon for today's tape mani in Green :)


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