Essie Sand Tropez


This morning, my Mom called me up and wanted to go to our local farmer's market. The thought of hanging out with my Mom made me suddenly feel self conscious since I still had that crazy tape manicure on from last night. Now, I'm sure my Mom wouldn't have cared what polish I was wearing, but I just had this vision of her looking down at my nails and giving me a weird look, so I quickly took off my old polish and opted for something more neutral.
The polish I ended up choosing was Sand Tropez by Essie. Sand Tropez is a light taupe color with a hint of gray to it. This color is super wearable, and I just like how it looks with my really pale skin tone. Formula wise, I didn't have any problems and this one was pretty easy to work with. I did, however, need three coats of this to make it opaque. 

If you want to pick up this polish, it's on Amazon. Here's the link:


  1. I love this color!
    Your blog is really interesting and your swatches are a pleasure to look at! Keep the good work!


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