Sally Hansen Time to Shine!

Hey everyone!

I’m currently sitting in my old bedroom at my Mom’s house completely bored, so I figured I would post a few more swatches today! I’m here at my Mom’s place house sitting for the weekend, and while having some alone time with the house to myself,  I had planned to just lounge around and watch tv. The problem is I can’t do that. The tv at my Moms is in her living room and her cat is down there. Now I know it sounds dumb to be scared of a cat, but this is a really mean cat. Each time I go down stairs it walks up to about four feet in front of me and starts hissing. Creepy. Anyway, so I’ve secluded myself to the upstairs part of the house and have been spending some time swatching some of my polishes!

The swatch I have for you guys right now is Time to Shine by Sally Hansen from the Xtreme Wear line. This polish is a beautiful gold foil. I feel like this one looks like Zoya’s Jules. I think Jules just might be lighter and a shimmer instead of a foil. That sounds like a big difference, but I will probably do a comparison post just because when I swatched this Jules popped into my head, so I’m thinking that they must be somewhat close. (If it's possible for a foil to look like a shimmer) The formula for this was a little bit thick and hard to get even, but I managed to only have to use 2 coats. This polish was only about two dollars, so I think it’s definitely worth picking up!

This is the cat I was talking about. Haha. Doesn't it look mean?!

Thanks for reading!!!

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